Are angels sent to us because are body is sick and our brain doesn't know it?
Or is our brain sick and our body doesn't know it?
The thing about angels is they Love God, not man.
They do as they are told if God said kill this man the angel would without hesitation.
On the other hand if God says watch out for this person and help that is what they do.
Fallen Angels are overwhelmed with jealousy because God Loves man so much he created us in his image.
Don't worry Angels are here to guide us help us protect us and promt us to do the right things.
I can only tell you what I've learned from my dreams I may be crazy but this is what I've learned
It's like how to tell if it is a demond ask to shake thier hand a demond will try to decive you at every turn.
You will stick out your hand and feel nothing one sent from God will tell you they can not touch you.